NEWwerk 83 18 porsche 911 (993) rwb rauhwelt furusato sydney hoffmann road cars coupe

WERK 83 1/18 – PORSCHE 911 (993) RWB Ra…

WERK 83 1/18 – PORSCHE 911 (993) RWB Rauh-Welt Furusato Sydney Hoffmann

NEWtecnomodel mythos 18 ferrari f40 lm press version  1996 road cars coupe


TECNOMODEL MYTHOS 1/18 – FERRARI F40 LM Press Version – 1996

NEWspark 43 porsche 963  le mans 2023 racing cars le mans

SPARK 1/43 – PORSCHE 963 – Le Man…

SPARK 1/43 – PORSCHE 963 – Le Mans 2023

NEWspark 43 toyota gr010 hybrid  winner le mans 2022 racing cars le mans

SPARK 1/43 – TOYOTA GR010 Hybrid –…

SPARK 1/43 – TOYOTA GR010 Hybrid – Winner Le Mans 2022

NEWspark 43 spice se 90 c  le mans 1992 racing cars le mans

SPARK 1/43 – SPICE SE 90 C – Le M…

SPARK 1/43 – SPICE SE 90 C – Le Mans 1992

NEWspark 5 casque valtteri bottas  canadian gp 2023 accessories mini helmets

SPARK 1/5 – CASQUE Valtteri Bottas R…

SPARK 1/5 – CASQUE Valtteri Bottas – Canadian GP 2023

NEWspark 43 oreca 07 gibson  le mans 2023 racing cars le mans

SPARK 1/43 – ORECA 07 Gibson – Le…

SPARK 1/43 – ORECA 07 Gibson – Le Mans 2023

NEWroad kings 18 truck trailer  road cars utility

ROAD KINGS 1/18 – TRUCK Trailer

ROAD KINGS 1/18 – TRUCK Trailer



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Welcome to Five Diecast, your go-to source for an unparalleled selection of diecast model cars. From the classic allure of 1/18 diecast cars to the rugged charm of diecast trucks, our inventory promises something for every enthusiast.

What We Offer:

  • Exquisite Diecast Cars: Explore our vast collection, showcasing everything from vintage gems to the latest models.
  • Precision in Scale: Our 1/18 diecast cars are perfectly detailed, offering an immersive experience.
  • Diverse Range: Whether into sedans, sports cars, or diecast trucks, find your passion reflected in our models.

Join us at Five Diecast for a journey through automotive history, captured in miniature. We offer the finest model cars for collectors and car lovers, combining top quality with our love for cars.

For car enthusiasts, diecast car collectors or even passionates and nostalgics of old models, Five Diecast offers a selection of high quality automobile models. From the classic car to the latest racing model or even the movie cars … make your choice among more than 8000 available options. Follow all the news of the diecast model sector on Five Diecast's social media and newsletters, and find the upcoming releases on pre-order.

Five Diecast carries you into the automobile history throughout its miniature vehicles. Lovers of old models will be delighted to discover the mythical Alpine Renault - A110, big time champion of the many rallies, the irresistible Citroën 2CV in all its declensions (Charleston, Camionette, Cocorico ...) or the thundering Bugatti Type 50 T of the 1930s. On the contrary, for those interested in modern cars, they will be able to make their choice amongst the model of cars we currently see driven on our roads, Audi Q5, Volkswagen Touareg, Dacia Duster ... there are enough models in order to please everyone!

The fivediecast.com online store also caters to motorcyclists, with miniature reproductions of the Harley Davidson brand. We also offer diecast models of Showcars, such as the Citroën DS E-Tense presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2016. Our site also presents models of police cars and fire or military vehicles. Also rare items will delight our collectioners: 1959 Cadillac-ambulance, Chevrolet - Biscayne Chicago Police, Citroën HY Military ambulance, Renault - Truck Forest fires ...

Exhibit at home a tuning model! For example, a model of the Fast and Furious saga; Nissan GT-R35, Honda S2000, Lykan Hypersport, Dodge Charger Daytona ... But racing is also competition! Buy on littlebolide.com your Formula1 modelcar , the 24 Hours of Le Mans, rally, US racing, Porsche, Ferrari, French car: all you have to do is buy the one that makes you dream.

The miniature models sold on fivediecast.com are not simple toys! These models are as realistic as possible, as close as possible to the reality. It's up to you to choose the scale of your collection : 1/18, 1/24, 1/43 ...

Our website fivediecast.com gathers the most beautiful model cars of the 7th art! Take pleasure in collecting the different versions of the Batmobile, Kill Bill’s Chevrolet Silverado, the Back to the Future DeLorean or the Starsky & Hutch Ford Gran Torino. We even propose Flash MacQueen Cars in 1/24.

Welcome to our Blog at FiveDiecast, where we dive deep into the fascinating world of diecast model cars! Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting out, our blog is your go-to source for expert reviews, detailed insights, and the latest news in the diecast model industry. Each post is crafted with passion and precision, reflecting the quality and detail you find in our models. From showcasing our newest arrivals and offering sneak peeks of upcoming releases to providing tips on care and display, our blog is designed to enhance your collecting experience. Join our community of enthusiasts and turn your collecting into a journey of discovery!

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